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New HIPAA Compliant Amazon Alexa Skills

The Following information is derived and taken, According to the HIPAA Journal posted April 5th, 2019:

HIPAA Compliant Amazon Alexa SkillsAmazon has introduced six (6) new skills allowing Alexa to perform, whilst staying in compliance of protected health information rules, by using voice technology.

The Voice Technology use of Alexa permits patients and caregivers easier access and address their healthcare needs from home as well as interact with their health providers.

The (6) six new HIPAA compliant Alexa skills are as follows:

Express Scripts

This enables the members of Express Scripts pharmacy service the capability to monitor the status and opt to receive notifications of when prescriptions will be complete and delivered.

Cigna Health Today

Members of Cigna health plan can access this Alexa skill to check wellness program opportunities, receive health tips, and provide incentives.

My Children’s Enhanced Recovery After Surgery(ERAS)

Parents of children enrolled in Boston Children’s Hospital’s ERAS program can send updates to their medical providers on their child’s recovery progress as well as the Care teams can also send information on appointments and pre- and post-op guidance. At this time, it is only available regarding cardiac surgery patients, although the program will be expanded soon.

Livongo Blood Sugar Lookup

Anyone in the Livongo’s Diabetes Program can monitor their blood sugar levels and with the capability of procuring average readings as well as receiving personalized health information.

Providence St. Joseph

Providence St. Joseph Health patients can utilize Alexa to find a local urgent care center and schedule a same-day appointment.

Atrium Health

Atrium Health customers can also access Alexa to acquire urgent care locations near them and schedule same-day appointments.

HIPAA and Voice Activated Virtual Assistants...

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